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Friday YouTube: Weird Science Trailer

I’m amazed at how this movie’s rigorous treatment of science still holds up today.

(Translation: Schwing!)

Related bonus video after the jump…

Oingo Boingo sings the theme song:

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1 Comment on Friday YouTube: Weird Science Trailer

  1. Let’s see: 5 1/2″ floppy disks, dot matrix printers, acoustic modem (for crying out loud! What is this, Wargames? I didn’t even have an acoustic modem, just an AppleCat 300baud), and ASCII graphics.

    Take a good look kids. That was ‘high tech’ back in the day, when a blog was called a BBS and the internet was, well ok there was an interent, but you had to be at college to get it. Otherwise you had to make do with Fidonet. And we liked it!

    And is it just me or is Kelly Lebrock…distracting?


    While I’m not a big fan of a lot of ’80s music, I kinda like this one. And yes, I like the movie too. It’s fun.

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