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Full Watchmen Comic Con 2008 Panel

If you just can’t get enough Watchmen, they you’ll probably be interested in the following video, which is the full Comic Con 2008 panel for the movie. It has all the cast and the director, and a very stilted MC. It’s not as funny as the Galactica panel (no Kevin Smith), but it has it’s moments (I’m looking at you Batman and Joker.) Sadly, we don’t get to see the clips that were shown, but we get everything else.

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2 Comments on Full Watchmen Comic Con 2008 Panel

  1. I’m afraid to watch this, since the Watchmen movie in my head is already perfect. Hopefully the real thing is only slightly less so. “)

  2. Thanks for this video but dang it! I should have checked in here today before putting up my own little post on WATCHMEN. I’ll link to this in my comments section. The more people who catch WATCHMEN fever, the better.

    You’re very good at what you do!

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