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Game Bits: Dead Space, The Force Unleashed, Stargate Worlds, Tomb, Starcraft, Battlestar Galactica. Knights of the Old Republic

Dead Space is the new horror/survival/SF shooter from EA. Destructoid has a rather interesting post up looking at the art of Dead Space. While cover art for SF books plays a role in persuading a person to pick up a book and, hopefully, buy it, art plays an even bigger role in a game. Drab and uninspired art direction can suck a lot of the enjoyment out of a game. Survival/horror games require creepy/claustrophobic atmosphere to work, and Dead Space looks to have that in spades.

For more background, you can watch the 4 animated prequel videos.

Every self respecting Wii owner, who will, of course, be purchasing Star Wars: The Force Unleashed when it comes out, will also want to trick out their Wiimote with this sweet set of lightsaber hilts. Now you too can look like the Star Wars kid in the comfort of your own living room.

While Stargate Atlantis may be coming to an end, the MMO Stargate Worlds is still on track. If you just can’t wait to try the game, you can enter a contest to win a key for the beta program. I know I’ll be signing up. And if you’re in Leipzig for the Leipzig Games Convention, Stargate Worlds will have kiosks setup in the train station showing a gameplay trailer and giving away prizes. If you get one, let us know!

Boardgame News reports back from the recently completed Gen-Con, with news about some interesting games including Tomb, a Starcraft boardgame, and a Galactica boardgame, the latter two from Fantasy Flight Games. And knowing FFG, these two games will be ‘bits’ games and cost upwards of $50. FFG makes some really products, you should play one of their games if you get the chance, although be prepared to spend the better part of a day to play Twilight Imperium 3rd Edition. I have the dungeon crawl Descent, and I really like it, but don’t have the multiple hours to play it often.

With the latest Star Wars movie in theaters, it seems that Knights of the Old Republic is getting some more attention. First, IO9 takes a look at the new D20 sourcebook for KotOR. Even though it isn’t based on the new 4th edition rules for D&D, I must say the book looks really nice, and getting to play in the KotOR era has its appeal. Add in these cool KotOR mini-figures and you’d have yourself one cool pen-and-paper campaign.

What games are interesting to you?

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2 Comments on Game Bits: Dead Space, The Force Unleashed, Stargate Worlds, Tomb, Starcraft, Battlestar Galactica. Knights of the Old Republic

  1. Not sure how I feel about Dead Space — I’m not a big horror fan.  Even the shooters I play, I do it mostly to experience the story/world.  In that sense, the first few hours of play on the Citadel in Mass Effect were the most sf gaming experiences I have ever had:  awe-inspiring setting, interesting conversations with alien diplomats, just the experience of walking around overhearing conversations between passersby on an enormous space station, etc.

    And speaking of Knights of the Old Republic (the book art looks amazing), are the KOTOR video games worth playing for the story/world?

  2. KOTOR games r superb!

    the story is verry good in both of them and i sugest u to start with KOTOR 1.

    too bad that KOTOR 3 will be a mmorpg, that will ruin it…  don’t know why they don’t make more games and movies like kotor or jedy knights, they have alot of story material with all the star wars books wich r all verry good!

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