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GIVEAWAY Reminders!

Just a friendly reminder to everyone that we are currently running three(!) contests where you can win some free swag.

First, we’re giving away 5 copies of Titan Books‘ newest offering, The Greatest SciFi Movies Never Made. You can find the rules here. Hurry! Ends August 5th.

Second, we are also giving away 3 copies of the latest Stargate movie, Stargate – Continuum. The rules for this one are here. This one ends shortly as well, on August 7th.

Lastly, our most recent giveaway is for 10 lucky readers to win a copy of the Masters Of Science Fiction DVD set. Those rules are here. This one ends on August 21st. Funny how all the rules are similar. It’s almost as if the same person put them together. Hmm.

Everyone likes free, so send in an email and takes your chances. Good luck!

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