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My Favorite Short Story

This week, Rusty at starts a special series of posts in which bloggers and authors share their favorite short stories.

First up is…me!

Can you guess what my favorite short story is?

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4 Comments on My Favorite Short Story

  1. The Cold Equations is a nice, solid, choice for favorite SF short story.

    It’s certainly one of my favorites. It even made a great 80’s Twilight Zone episode.

  2. I agree with you John.  Another favorite for me is Godwin’s “Too Soon to Die” which he expanded as a novel (or would it be a novella) called “The Survivors”. 

  3. Very good choice John!  I love the X Minus One adaptataion of it.

  4. Cold Equations is fantastic!  I just pulled it out again the other day and read it aloud to my wife and she enjoyed it.

    I really look forward to reading everyone’s short story posts this week.

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