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Sunday Cinema: Journeyman

It’s shaping up to be a slow Sunday around here, so we thought we’d return to one of our favorite SF video websites, Hulu, to bring you something for today. We chose to bring you Journeyman. Mostly because not many people saw it when it first aired on NBC last fall, but also because it is, in my opinion, underrated and deserved a better fate.

Yes, it has echoes of Quantum Leap, but Journeyman is a much more serious take on time travel and, best of all, Dan’s actions in the past actually have consequences for his present. The series really cranks up toward the end and it’s a shame it had to end with 13 episodes. See for yourself (apologies to our non-US readers. Blame copyright restrictions):

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  1. And if you interested in how to the series would have ended, there was a <a href=””>good interview</a> on that just last week.

  2. It did indeed deserve a better fate.  It was one of our must watch shows every week!

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