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Sunday Cinema: Journeyman, ‘Friendly Skies’

Today we have episode #2 of Journeyman for you. In this one, Dan disappears from a fully booked flight, which cause no end of concern, as you might imagine. We also get an inkling that the writers know what they are doing, as some of the things that happen to Dan will cause problems for him later.

With foresight like that, is it any wonder the show was canceled and that Sci Fi didn’t pick it up?

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1 Comment on Sunday Cinema: Journeyman, ‘Friendly Skies’

  1. Thanks to you guys, I just spent the last two nights in front of my computer watching the entire 13 episodes and am sorry I didn’t catch it when it was on television. Although my watching it certainly wouldn’t have saved the show, it’s nice to know that some network tv is still well written and smartly done and I guess I’ll pay a bit more attention to new shows in the future. The show’s cancellation certainly does highlight the misplaced priorities that most television execs have.

    Still, I’m glad Hulu has them all and thanks for the introduction to a good series. 

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