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Thoughts on Eureka Season 3 (So Far)

Eureka, for those that don’t watch it, is a light SciFi show about a secluded brain trust town populated by eccentric geniuses and the “Average Joe” Sherriff Carter. The show won’t necessarily win points for scientific accuracy or believability (points that are waxed over with TecnoBabble) but you will find a lighthearted comedy-drama that fun to watch.

We’re about 4 shows into Season 3 of Eureka, and I have to say that the latest episode, “I Do Over” (Watch the full episode free!), was one of the best ones yet. Sure, it’s the old Time Loop trope seen in ST:TNG and Groundhoug Day, but the Eureka flavor made it fun again.

Here are some quick thoughts on Season 3 so far:

[**** WARNING: Spoilers ahead! *****]

  • The pending nuptials between Stark and Allison were a good story element, if only to watch Carter’s discomfort and smarm.
  • It’s nice to see Henry Deacon out of prison, unlikely as it may be to actually happen. Henry needs to be on the outside so he can help Carter figure stuff out.
  • For all the whining I do about the Stark character, they sure made him go out like a likable hero. Of course, the time loop circumstances surrounding his apparent demise probably means he’ll be back.
  • I find the “corporate fixer” story arc intriguing. Eva Thorne (as if we needed the surname to paint her as villainous) embodies everything I hate with corporate America.
  • As a parent, I find the scenes between Carter and Zoe amusing. Carter so thinks he’sin he’s in control.
  • As a consumer, I the prominent product placement of a deodorant sticks to be annoying.
  • In general, I’m liking the stories. The reality show biosphere episode (“What About Bob?“) was a great concept.

So, no complaints really, although even my daughter (who just started watching this since Doctor Who is off-air) has noted similarities week to week; like Carter being the only one to catch on and having to convince everyone else of what’s going on. Even so, Eureka is a pleasurable way to spend an hour in front of the TV.

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8 Comments on Thoughts on Eureka Season 3 (So Far)

  1. Jim Shannon // August 20, 2008 at 2:59 pm //

    I managed to catch an episode of Eureka recently and enjoyed what I wathed.

  2. Lady Geek // August 20, 2008 at 4:04 pm //

    I get to babysit my 11 yr old and 7 yr old nieces Mon-Thur nights.  They get one hour of TV a night.  On Tuesdays they pick Eureka.  I love the show and I’m glad it’s content is appropriate enough for a younger audience.  Exploding robot dogs and a house that can talk.  It’s great.

  3. Lady Geek // August 20, 2008 at 4:23 pm //

    About the product placement.  SciFi shows are generally expensive to make so I don’t mind the product placement. I love the way Eureka incorporates the product on the show and the commercials in turn promote the show.  If it would help with the production on other shows I woudn’t mind the Winchester brothers lugging around canisters of Morton salt in the trunk of their Impala.


  4. We don’t watch Eureka as often as we did during the first season, but we’ll stop for the odd eipsode every now and again. It’s still entertaining.


  5. I liked that typo – Carter thinks he’sin control.

    The product placement and real and fake commercials convinced me to get a Eureka deodorant stick online.  They have that Eureka Products website.

    I like the show and should watch more – just don’t think of Tuesdays as prime SF time.



  6. Heh-heh.  I slur when I type.  Typo fixed. 🙂

  7. Old Bogus // August 22, 2008 at 12:01 am //

    We watch but I have so many technical problems with the “science”, I often drop out. Unless Zoe and Dad are on; they and the “house” make a great menage!

    I do miss Taggert (Max Headroom; Frewer); he just kind of disappeared. One of the outstanding eccentrics.

  8. Are you  kidding, I was so glad when they got rid of Taggert, that fake Australian accent of his would just piss me off any time he came on screen! It was a very South African accent, you’d think that they could have used that as an explanation (him being South African and not Australian) and it probably wouldn’t have annoyed me as much!

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