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Transmissions From Beyond

Speaking of the future of short fiction

TTA Press has just announced a new podcast site called Transmissons From Beyond that will be used deliver short fiction to fans. The website is also augmented by a forum.

From the website description:

Transmissions From Beyond is the first podcast in the world by a major magazine publisher, offering short stories from the pages of its magazines in the following genres: science fiction & fantasy, horror, and crime. These come from Interzone, Black Static, and Crimewave both past and present.

The premiere of our podcast, now available, includes the first batch of fiction:

  • “The Algorithm” by Tim Akers (from Interzone)
  • “Lady of the Crows” by Tim Casson (from Black Static)
  • “A Handful of Dust” by Ian R. Faulkner 9from Crimewave)

[via Adventures in the SF trade]

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