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Trek Fan Trumps Studio, Makes Better Poster

TrekRebootAlternate.jpgYou gotta hand it this Deviant Art user…he’s created a Star Trek poster that captures all the crunchy sf goodness of past Trek films. This looks way better than the official posters that came from boring ol’ Hollywood. Yay Internets!

[via Cinema Blend]

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11 Comments on Trek Fan Trumps Studio, Makes Better Poster

  1. I like the studio poster better

  2. I don’t, I think this one looks terrific. I was underwhelmed by the stuiod poster (it felt too “The 60’s…Revisited!” to me. This movie’s a reboot, after all, not a revisit. At least, that’s how I perceive.)

  3. This is better.

  4. Totally subjective — the studio has a vested interest in promoting their actors in their posters while one that’s fan-made where the faces are blurry, at best, has no such interest.

  5. Now *that’s* the movie I want to see. Blue, sparkly, shiny–that version is way cool.

  6. Excellent poster. Now that makes me want to see the flick! Not like that official version which is yawnsville.

  7. PeterY, subjective, yes, but the Star Trek brand is symbolized by the Enterprise, not the faces of the (mostly) unknowns, which is why I think this would’ve worked better at genertaing buzz.  Plus, from an artistic/SciFi perspective, it’s way cool!  (No Kate Beckinsale, but still :))

  8. This poster, being blurred, also has the benefit of making Sylar…Spock…look much less menacing… 🙂

  9. Jody Medland // August 23, 2008 at 2:47 pm //

    I’m not surprised people are going mad for this mate – it’s the nuts!

  10. This poster is nice and very professional looking. I think the studio poster gets me a little more excited about meeting the new Spock, which was possibly its intent.

    Good, bad, or brilliant, I’ll definitely go to this movie.

  11. The studio poster was boring and looked like it took about 2 minutes to cook up. This poster, on the other hand, looks like some effort and care actually went into it. This is a nice piece of art.


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