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Tube Bits for 08/02/2008

  • Colin Ferguson talked to the McClatchy-Tribune News Service about Eureka, season 3. One of the things they will be doing this season is aiming for lighter-in-tone episodes. The season opener, “Bad to the Drone”, was ok, but certainly not their best. I still liked the characters, but the A.I. gone rogue is well worn.
  • Speaking of interviews with Colin Ferguson, Amazon”s Armchair Commentary, also has a video interview with him posted. They also remind us that you can see the first episode, ad free, here.
  • has 5 questions with Brent Spiner. They cover his role on TNG, his newest album, and Trekkies.
  • If they interview with Spiner gave you a jones for something Trek, The Code Project resurrects the 1971 text version of a Star Trek video game, written in HP BASIC. Michael Birken ported the game to C# (thanks to the resurrection of ‘goto’) and has made it available for you to download. I remember playing this a long time ago, in a galaxy, well, not so far away. It was fun then, if a bit hard for a 10 year old. Stuff like this is why the internet rules.
  • Did you ever wonder how Star Wars would have turned out if the Spartan Marines from Halo had replaced the Stormtroopers? Wonder no more (language warning!):
  • The trailer for the newest Wolfenstein games has something you probably never thought you’d see: Nazis in powered armor. Cool!
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