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Tube Bits for 08/06/2008

  • The best show on Sci Fi is currently underway with its third season. I’m talking Eureka of course, and Monsters and Critics had a chance to talk with Mark Sheppard, Colin Ferguson and Jamie Paglia about the new season. There’s a bit of spoilery stuff, but nothing major. I thought the first episode was good, not great. We’ll see about the second episode when I watch it later tonight (as of this writing).
  • Speaking of Eurkea, SARAH now has ‘her’ own Twitter feed. Is it just me or does it lose something without Fargo’s voice trying to sound female? [via SF Universe]
  • If you’ve wanted to watch any of the following anime series, Blue Gender, Kiddy Grade, Peach Girl or Slayers, you’re in luck. YouTube and Funimation have made full episodes available for you to watch. US only and you can’t embed on a web page. Still, its free!
  • Can’t wait for season 5 of LOST to start? Doc Artz has some rumors and speculation on the premier to get you through.
  • Avatar, The Last Airbender, will be spawning an online game this September. I see that 19 million people tuned in the for the series finale, of a cartoon, on Nickelodeon. Just, wow.
  • The Wachowski brothers have a new movie in the works, Ninja Assassin, which sounds cool, but will it be cool? In any event, J. Michael Straczynski wrote the script. In 53 hours.
  • Everyone involved in Heroes wants you to forget everything that was bad about season 2. What, they’re sending the Haitian around the entire world? They promise big things for season 3, and invoke The Sopranos as backup. I’m thinking they should have done something before people stopped watching.
  • has posted an in-game video of the combat for the upcoming Stargate Worlds MMO. I dunno, looks kind of slow and boring.
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