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Tube Bits for 08/11/2008

  • Many people have lamented the early demise of NBC’s Journeyman series, especially considering it was really getting good around the time of it’s cancellation. Well, Kevin Falls, the creator, doesn’t want you to be left hanging any longer! He spoke to Ain’t It Cool News and let’s us know how Journeyman was going to end.
  • GrrrlTV brings us some of the script for the pilot episode of Dollhouse, called “Ghost”. Anyone really pumped about this show?
  • Good news for our British friends: J.J. Abrams’ new show, Fringe, has been snapped up by Sky1. It’s set to air this autumn.
  • And if you haven’t seen them, this week’s TV Guide is featuring 4 different covers, all highlighting the new Star Wars: Clone Wars movie. I saw the C3PO cover today, and it looked pretty good, but not enough to make me shell out $4 for it . You hear that Lucas?! No more Bennies for you!
  • Star Trek has been successful in all different types of media: tv, book, movies and games. Now, Cryptic Studios will be resurrecting the Star Trek MMO from the dead. You can see a spiffy trailer for the game here:

    So, what will be better: the movie reboot or the MMO game?

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