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Tube Bits for 08/12/2008

  • Entertainment Weekly’s ‘Doc’ Jensen has his Comic Con wrap up posted, which includes the name of the the first episode for season 5 of LOST. Minor spoilage.
  • Ten Ton Hammer has been doing yeoman’s work covering the new Star Trek MMO. They have posted 8 gameplay features for the upcoming game, which will take place 30 years after the events of Nemesis. You’ll also be able to control your own starship. Expect to see many variations of the ‘USS Phanboi’ flying around, nitpicking the game.
  • But just how much work is it to bring an MMO to life, especially one based on Star Trek? Try about three years, which means those of us who like to try and play these games in beta will have to wait about two years for this one. They’d better be on the ball with gameplay that will be ‘current’ in three years.
  • The creators of Avatar, The Last Airbender, share their thoughts on the upcoming movie. Which is due in July 2010 (the year we make contact. And no, that joke never gets old).
  • SyFyPortal ‘reviews’ the Fringe pilot, shown at Comic Con. Their take is similar to mine: This show will have the nerdgassers, err, nerdgassing hard at all the ‘science’. But then again, it is called Fringe.
  • Did anyone see the new Heroes promotion that was shown during this weekend’s Olympics coverage? The one that shows Hiro’s first confrontation with Daphen (lady Flash)? Good grief. Stopping time beats super speed any day. Just stop time, take what you want, then let her run off thinking she still has possession of your item. I can smell the bad writing already.
  • From anime show, to movie, then back to anime. There’s a new Casshern in town, and it’s called Casshern Sins, and we have a teaser trailer:
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3 Comments on Tube Bits for 08/12/2008

  1. The trick they’re playing with speed girl means that when Hiro stops time Speed Girl is reduced to normal speed….and so can still probably out run Hiro.

  2. @Joe,

    If that’s the trick, that is really stupid. I sense season 3 augering in before it even starts…

  3. Gasp!  Could JP finally be turning his back on Heroes?  Stay tuned for the latest developments…which, like Heroes itself, will occur very little over the next several months.  Hiyo! 🙂

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