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Tube Bits for 08/13/2008


  • So you have enough money burning a hole in your pocket that you want to buy an over priced MP3 player. Why spend a bit more and get one of these special edition X-Files: I Want to Believe iPods? Steve Jobs will love you, and your money even more.
  • In a blow to John’s sanity, E Online details some Heroes spoilers, including the return of his ‘favorite’ character!
  • The NBC webisode series, Gemini Division, will be launching on Aug. 18th. They will be pushing this hard, debuting on “,, and an unprecedented number of mobile, gaming and VOD platforms.” The best part is the name of the Vice President of NBC Universal Digital Studio, Cameron Death. How’d you like to work for this guy? “Who’s your boss again?” “Death”.
  • The Japanese schlock meisters at Tokyo Shock, fresh from Machine Girl, are at it again with Tokyo Gore Police. The premise sounds intriguing, with lots of low budget gore. You have been warned. No really, warned. Trailer below:
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