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Tube Bits for 08/29/2008

  • On September 7th, one of the most anticipated PC games in years will be released, Will Wright’s Spore. You get to design your own creature, then guide their evolution from primitives to star system spanning high-tech culture. On September 9th, the National Geographic Channel will air a documentary about the game entitled: How To Build A Better Being. The show, which is also included in the limited run of the collectible Spore Galactic Edition, joins Wright and leading scientists in exploring the genetic information we share with all animals — even creatures we could never have envisioned. How To Build A Better Being follows Will Wright as he meets with geneticists, paleontologists, and other scientists as they strive to design the “ultimate animal” by using extensive knowledge of animal diversity. This one is on my ‘must buy’ list, I hope it turns out as cool as it looks.
  • Buzzine ponders the differences between Mad Men and Battlestar Galactica and how those differences mean Emmy nods for MM and not BG. Hmm, possibly. Maybe it’s because Galactica is SF?
  • Pigs in spaaaaaace! may soon be returning to the airwaves, via a motion picture. It seems there is a new Muppet movie in the works and, if it’s successful, that may pave the way for a new Muppet Show. Anything with more Gonzo and Animal is okay with me!
  • BuddyTV lets us know about the new guest stars for this season’s Eli Stone. Despite a tendency toward pushy, agenda driven episodes, I like Eli Stone, probably because Johnny Lee Miller is a very sympathetic lead.
  • Fans of Pushing Daisies, and who doesn’t like a show where the main restaurant is called The Pie Hole?, should really like this. The show is going on the road, dispensing pie (mmm, pie) and new footage from the show. For tour dates, see PopCrunch.. And if I may: Frakkin’ Dallas. Just because J.R. was shot there, doesn’t mean they like pie.
  • Did you know that HBO was working on an adaptation of the comic Preacher? Well, now it doesn’t matter if you didn’t, because they have canned the idea, saying it’s “too dark and too violent and too controversial.” For HBO? Really?
  • Stargate Atlantis is a hit! Well, with the pirates (Arrrr!) anyway.
  • SF Universe has the new Life on Mars ad from ABC. Mmmmm, 70’s kitsch. I really hope they don’t camp it up.
  • A LEGO Batman short? You bet! And yes, there is a LEGO Batman game for every system known to man. If it’s even close to LEGO Star Wars it should be a lot of fun.
  • Sci Fi Wire has an exclusive ‘behind the scenes’ look at Fringe. SF Universe has an interesting video of some of the ‘fringe’ science in the show.
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  1. I think, definitely, Eli Stone will be the best show this year.  Johnny Lee Miller is brilliant!  You can catch up on the show here:

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