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Why Kubrick used ‘Daisy’ for HAL’s death

This scene is one of the most dramatic and poignant scenes in the history of movies: HAL, singing “Daisy”, as Dave Bowman deactivates him. But why “Daisy”? Let Arthur C. Clarke explain:

From a 1963 documentary.

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3 Comments on Why Kubrick used ‘Daisy’ for HAL’s death

  1. really having a DUH moment with this one.  I knew that was the first song by a computer, but never made the connection!  Is this called an epifany ?

  2. Great tidbit.  Thanks for posting.

  3. Was watching this and then something totally unexpected… there is a blurb at the end that is in portuguese…

    “Nós estaremos em contato com o mundo. Mas o que lhe diremos?”

    “We shall be in touch with the world. But what shall we tell it?”

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