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A Batch of Free Fiction Links

Here’s a bunch of links to recently-free fiction (too much for a tidbits post!), courtesy of eagle eyes over at QuasarDragon

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4 Comments on A Batch of Free Fiction Links

  1. For whatever reason, the page on Gwyneth Jones’ blog you link to seems to not include a link to the novel any more; but it is on her website <a href=”“>here</a>.

  2. Thanks, Niall.  Link fixed.

  3. The version of this article on the main SF Signal page still says Gwyneth Jones has posted “an extract” of her novel SPIRIT. This should be corrected to “an electronic advanced reader’s PDF copy” (as you have already done in the permalink version).

  4. Sorry about the confusion. The Spirit preview link will be back soon. Meanwhile,

    anyone who’d still like an electronic ARC, just email me.

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