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Animated Spaceballs Premiers Tonight on G4

And it looks horrible. After watching the trailer, I believe this version of Spaceballs could only find a home on either G4 or Spike. I don’t see any of the goofy, stupid humor of the film here, just a pre-occupation with cleavage and sex jokes. If I wanted that, I’d talk to John (Hi-yo!). The movie, while having a little bit of that, was still entertaining at times, especially when making fun of Star Wars and other SF movie tropes. This doesn’t look to have any of that.

Words just can’t describe the depths of pulchritude that the animated Spaceballs descends to. See for yourself! (Warning: NSFW if anyone is watching)

If you’re still interested, it premiers tonight at 5pm ET on G4.

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6 Comments on Animated Spaceballs Premiers Tonight on G4

  1. this looks like horrible sexist unfunny crap. What kind of hack would put his name on a show like this?

  2. My current theory is that Mel Brooks is doing some sort of elaborate meta-parody, in that he’s created a movie (Spaceballs) which parodies Star Wars, and now he personally is doing a parody of George Lucas, in which he now creates utter crap under the old name.

    It helps me sleep at night, that theory… 🙂

  3. Wow! I love giant boobs in space as much — if not more — than the next person, but that’s just <strong>awful</strong> animation. I caught the original pilot for <em>the Venture Brothers</em> that was created in Flash on what looked like a long weekend, and it was far better that <strong>this</strong>.

  4. I haven’t quite gotten used to this new editor yet. <sincere>Sorry!</sincere>

  5. I like it more with your HTML tags hanging out, Jeff. It lets me know how STRONGLY you meant “awful” for example. 😛

  6. that looks <strooooongly> terrible.

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