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Books Received: September 15, 2008

Here are the books we received this past week.

I have to admit a fondness for the covers of Fast Ships, Black Sails and The Pilo Family Circus. Who doesn’t love pirates and killer clowns? I’m also excited about the Every Last Drop, the new installment of the consistently good Joe Pitt Casebooks. Who doesn’t like smack-talking vampires?

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2 Comments on Books Received: September 15, 2008

  1. Worst Cover: FOUNDATION is the winner (loser?) in this batch.
    Best Cover(s): I agree. FAST SHIPS, BLACK SAILS is a nice image. Let’s hope the final design doesn’t squash it. CITY OF JADE also appeals to me.
    Book to Read: I’ve already got the Huston book on pre-order.

  2. FAST SHIPS, BLACK SAILS was nicer without the design treatment (makes me hope it’s a cut-out and the full image is visible on the inside, though I find those annoying).  Still, a fair treatment.  Have to agree FOUNDATION is the loser.  THE PILO FAMILY circuls looks beautiful.  Nice to see GUD stands out as different–and it looks better in person, but I’m sure that’s true of many of these. 🙂

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