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GIVEAWAY: Anathem T-Shirts

Unless you’ve been under rock, you know that Neal Stephenson’s latest book, Anathem was just recently released. In celebration, Wiredset has given us two Anathem t-shirts to give away, a Men’s L and a Women’s M.

The T-shirt is back, and contains the definition of the word “Bulshytt”. What is the definition you may ask? Let’s let Neal tell us himself:

That’s a lot to put on a t-shirt, isn’t it? Here is the front of the shirt:


There’s only 1000 of the T-shirts floating around, so if you have one, you’ll be in select company. I dare say you’ll be an avout in the Stephenson Concent…

If you’re interested, here are the rules:

  1. The contest runs from today, Sept. 13 through Sept. 27th (11:59pm CT).
  2. Send an email to: contest [at] sfsignal [dot] com
  3. In the subject line please put ‘Tshirt Men’ or ‘Tshirt Ladies’ so we can keep track.
  4. Only one email per person. US/Canada only again.
  5. Please include your snail mail address so we can pass them on for the winners.

That’s it! Good luck!

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