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GIVEAWAY: Ask Lawrence Watt-Evans and Win ‘The Turtle Moves!’

BenBella Books has just released a new book about Terry Pratchett’s Discworld stories entitled The Turtle Moves!: Discworld’s Story Unauthorized, written by author Lawrence Watt-Evans. It’s part reference guide and part commentary, and all written in Watt-Evans’ humorous style. We have one copy to give away to a lucky reader, but we’re going to do something a little different. This time, we’re going to make you work, a little, to win.

Mr. Watt-Evans, as a part of publicizing his book, is available to us to answer SF Signal reader questions. This will happen in a later post, but first, we need questions. That’s where you come in. You see, you get to ask the questions that Mr. Watt-Evans will answer. As you might guess the contest rules involve you sending us questions. So, the rules are:

  1. Enter a question you’d like Mr. Watt-Evans to answer in the comments to this post. One question only per person but it can be about anything Discworld or Watt-Evans (stories, writings, etc).
  2. This contest will run for one week, through Oct. 1st, at which point we’ll close the comments and pick a winner.

Once done, we’ll collect the questions and send a selection off to Mr. Watt-Evans for him to answer. You’re question does not have to be selected for you to win. Everyone who submits a question will be entered.

So get to asking and good luck!

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7 Comments on GIVEAWAY: Ask Lawrence Watt-Evans and Win ‘The Turtle Moves!’

  1. Right. This is too cool. (I’m lusting after that book.)

    QUESTION: If you got the chance to write a Discworld book, and you had to pick one or another of the running threads — the City Watch books, the Nanny Ogg books, the Death books, and so forth — which one would you pick, and why?

    And given a platform to burble about Terry Pratchett, I’m going to say, grumpily, that I had it in my head that Gaiman’s new book, and Pratchett’s, both came out on the 23rd. Ten seconds of investigation proved this not to be true. I have to wait until the 30th. I am made grumpy. The world should conform around my mistakes, darn it… 🙂

  2. Question: My earliest encounter with Mr. Watt-Evans were his Lords of Dus Tales, especially the novel “The Lure of the Basilisk” and a short story that appeared in a gaming magazine and featured characters for the Steve Jackson designed “The Fantasy Trip”.

    Did the series come out of a game campaign that Mr. Watt-Evans participated in or vice versa (and, if a second question isn’t pushing the boundary too much…will he ever return to that series?)?

  3. QUESTION: For a newcomer to Discworld, which book should they read first?

  4. Answer (to which to read first): Here’s what I pass on to the perplexed. There are many “branches” to explore, so you can start along any of several routes. A lot of folks like the “Death” books, for example.


  5. Considering that you seem to have quite a dedicated corps of fans, it seems odd that no publishers would pick up your Ethshar novels.  Can you tell us your reasoning behind branching out to self-publish / subscription-publish?  Why not simply find another publisher?

  6. Clinton Ausmus // September 26, 2008 at 4:24 pm //

    On your website and in the book you list an appendix and appendix 2.  How useful did you find these online fan sites and information in compiling this guide to Discworld?  How hard was it to separate the opinions of the fans from the your own from the pertinent information useful for the book?

    Thank you, by the way to your contribution to the funding of Alzheimer’s Research.

  7. Which of your books did you have the most fun writing?

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