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Ike In Da House or the Hurricane that Ate Houston?

hurricane1.jpgOur U.S. readers probably know that Hurricane Ike is currently in the Gulf of Mexico, menacing the Upper Texas coast and possibly Louisiana (that sweet pic up there is Ike, way back on Sept. 4th). What most of our readers probably don’t realize is that SF Signal World HQ is located in Houston, Tx, which sits about 60 miles inland from Galveston, on the Upper Texas Coast.

The upshot, Ike has been causing major nervousness around these here parts for the better part of two days now. The current track has Ike coming in right over Galveston, and making a right turn over downtown Houston and accosting parts north of the city. Luckily, the storm track has been slowly moving up the coast, away from Houston, and us. Also, the intensity was forecast to be a Category 3, maybe 4, is now expected to be a 2 when it hits sometime Friday night. Hopefully, the track will continue to move off to the north east and leave us on the ‘clean’ side of the storm.

In any event, if you suddenly notice a lack of bloggage over the weekend and into next week, you can blame Ike. I’m expecting, right now, Thursday night, that we will lose power sometime tomorrow night for an indeterminate amount of time. The last big storm to hit Houston was Alicia in 1983, and we were without power for about 2 weeks. Ike is bigger, in size, than Alicia, although they are both Cat 2s at this time. So, John, Tim, Kevin and myself are busy battening down the hatches, scouring the store shelves for anything the panicked crowds have left behind, and generally getting ready to ride this out.

We’ll have stuff tomorrow, but who knows for how long after that? We could be gone for days, or not at all. It’s a waiting game, and I hate waiting games. Good thing I have some Prilosec handy.

If you’re keen on tracking the storm yourself, do yourself a favor and visit the awesomely cool storm tracking site: Storm Pulse. I can only imagine how much traffic they now getting. They seemed to come from nowhere and I’ve been telling everyone I know about. In fact, they must be getting popular because my Dad knew about it, and I didn’t even tell him about the site. That, my friends, means you are popular. I still have to remind him about our site.

Nothing SF here, but, really, think of all the science involved in this post. The ISS, the Shuttle to get to the ISS, the satellites watching Ike and all the computing power involved in forecasting and tracking hurricanes. It’s awesome, and something we all take for granted.

If anyone is interested, I’ll be Twittering the hurricane. You can follow that at our Twitter page. Currently, a little windy and warm.

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12 Comments on Ike In Da House or the Hurricane that Ate Houston?

  1. Good luck, guys! Stay safe.


  2. Good luck! I’m up here in the Dallas area, so I’ve been tracking it’s progress to see how much of it we’re going to get. Nothing like what the coast will experience since we’re so far inland, but at one point we were supposed to get tropical storm conditions. We’re battening down the hatches just in case.

  3. John Picacio // September 12, 2008 at 7:23 am //

    Good luck, fellas. Hope you and your families stay safe and that the power isn’t gone for very long, if at all.

  4. JP – I am worried but I don’t know if it will bad as it was for Alicia since things in this part of town have radically changed since 83.  I just would like the news folks to realize that inciting panic and fuelling FUD is not a good thing.  The coverage make the storm seem like it is a cat 5 but it is not and the concern is more for the folks in the coastal areas due to the size of the storm surge…

  5. Current forecast has it coming right by good ole Tomball Texas. We’ve got everything put up, tied down, beer in the fridge and lots of wine if the power goes down. We be ready.

  6. Good luck guys! I hope everything goes smoothly for you. We live down in the storm surge zone (League City, 2 miles from Clear Creek and 3 miles from Galveston Bay) so we left last night and wound up in San Antonio. We have no idea what the house will be like when we get back… This is our first hurricane season, so we’re not sure what to expect.


    Still, out here we’re almost guarunteed air conditioning all weekend, which is not to be scoffed at.

  7. Come on up to The Lensman’s Children HQ. I’ll put you up for a few days. Maybe we can move John L. (TexasBestGrok) up here and have a mini-convention. I think “Doc” Taylor is in town for a few more days!

  8. Ex Floridian // September 12, 2008 at 2:46 pm //

    If it’s a Category 2 congratulations.  Sit back, enjoy the show and post some pictures.  Hurricanes can be very pretty as long as you’re not standing directly downwind or doing something stupid like hopscotching with downed powerlines the day after.

    A Cat 3 is no fun.  Stay away from the damned windows and or doors.  I’ve seen a steel fire-door blown halfway across a room by pressure differential.   Anything above Cat 3:  Get the hell out of there ASAP.


  9. I will be heading to Larry’s house when the storm passes to get some wine and perhaps whine a bit about the storm 🙂

  10. Hey guys – oh BTW JD – I got your pic mail – was that place open? I am sure you already have this but the Houston OEM has a website that estimates wind speed for zip code within Harris county (they don’t go out everywere in the county because they only care about Houston but they have a lot of the NW zip codes on the map. Hope everyone is doing well, the url is:

    Stay safe everybody


    -Rich in Cypress

  11. @Rich: Yes, the fish place is open.  It’s kinda like RockFish, but cheaper.  It’s opening week so they were throwing free appetizier samplers at us.  Mmmm…free samples… 🙂

  12. Best of luck. We just experienced the joys of Gustav here in Baton Rouge and I hope you all do better. Most of the city lost power for a week here.

    I had an idea once for a sci/fi disaster story where a solar power satellite uses its microwave array to steer hurricances — but terrorists hijack it and use the system to create a super hurricane and aim at Florida. I suppose the story could involve Houston instead…

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