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Knight Rider: Series Premier

The new Knight Rider doesn’t air until next week. However, Hulu has the series premier online and now you can watch it, right here! Don’t expect anything much more than cheesy melodrama, but it does that fairly well. K.I.T.T.’s shape changing ability could become really annoying, if not way too powerful. And, of course, the bad guys’ ability to shoot accurately is sorely lacking. Still, tell us what you think…

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4 Comments on Knight Rider: Series Premier

  1. Way too cheesy for me.  Feels almsot like a soap opera producer trying to merge the two into one.  The point where the transforming thing annoyed me was when it turned into the truck.  I was cool with it transforming into a better version of itself (like a better sporty version of the mustang or whatever), but as soon as it started becoming random other crap, I was out.  It’s too much like Transformers for me.

    Nice try, but I think it’s going to be cancelled.  It feels poorly written too.

  2. Yeah,

    Transforming into an f150 was a bit much for me too. The other thing really bugs me was the amount of technobabble present in just the first 2 acts of the show. Ridiculous!


    Although Deanna Russo in undies I could get used to. And did anyone notice the guy who played ‘Billy’ is the same actor (Paul Campbell) who played ‘Billy’ on Battlestar Galactica? Nice career move! Let’s hope the same fate doesn’t happen on KR…

  3. I kind of dug it.  Sure…its campy [a bit] but the action and the tech are cool and enough to keep me piqued…

  4. Too bad “Turbo Boost” doesn’t work on its ratings. Looks like this one is headed for the junkyard.


    Disclaimer: Never watched the show so I don’t even know if “Turbo Boost” even existed in this version…

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