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New 4K!DSTV SF Show – RollBots

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Rollbots is a new animated kids show coming in Feb. 2009 on 4K!DSTV. One of the people who works on the show has this to say about it:

It’s about a race of spherical bots that race around a city in the sky, and mainly about a kid named Spin who has to cope with being the only bot without a tribe. Spin’s a new recruit at the FCPD, and when he’s not keeping the peace on the cross-town RMS, he’s got to stop things like the crontab from messing up time, or cope with the Do Right Module gumming up the works.

Hmm, Linux geeks ought to be right at home here, despite the ‘kid’ target audience. But really, aren’t we all just big kids?

Here’s the trailer:

I must say it looks really good, visually. And if it gets my kids exposure to computer/OS related concepts, I’m all for that. I’ll be watching come next February!

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  1. Bah! This looks lame.  From a CGI perspective, nothing’s easier than sphere.  If you want to impress me, show some design variety.  As it is, it looks like a lazy version of the movie Robots.  And it also looks like it’s geared towards the inevitable toys that will fill the toy aisles.  Hey kids!  Collect all 638 plastic balls!

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