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Summer Glau (Makes Me Feel Fine) [Reprise]

This is why I love the Internets…

A while back, seemingly the result of a seriously lapse in editorial judgment or a drunken binge gone horribly wrong, I posted the lyrics to “Summer Glau (Makes Me Feel Fine),” mostly as a way of destroying the association between her name and the Seals and Crofts song, “Summer Breeze”. (It didn’t work.)

Along comes John Anealio, musician and proprietor of Sci Fi Songs, a website where John collects his recordings inspired by the works of speculative fiction. John has taken my Summer Glau lyrics and set them to an original tune of his own.

The result is “Summer Glau“. It’s simply awesome and you must go and listen to it.

Well done, John!

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2 Comments on Summer Glau (Makes Me Feel Fine) [Reprise]

  1. JD…. the comedy…. it burnses us’ssssss!

  2. I prefer to sing along to the break in Z.Z. Top’s La Grange and go

    “a glau glau glau galu…”

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