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To Spore or Not to Spore

With apologies to the Bard…

I’ve been looking forward to the new PC game, Spore, for awhile now. I even went so far as to purchase the Spore Creature Creator to get a taste of the game. (Result: Needed more info than was provided to me, but I’m slow)

The hype just kept building, but a few chinks in the damn appeared this past week, with a couple of European sites giving Spore less than awesome reviews, citing a general lack of gameplay as the main reason. Sure, all the stages of the game are interesting in concept, but the actual ‘fun’ was left out to some degree. I see the Metacritic score is rather high from the review sites, but a lot lower from the actual gaming public. Strike one.

Then along came word that Walter John Williams actually wrote all the dialog and some of the space situations for the game. A real life SF writer writing real life, SF for a game. Awesome! The count is now: 1 ball, 1 strike.

I was at the store today, which shall remain nameless but rhymes with Wal Mart, and almost, almost, dropped by the Gamestop to purchase Spore with my carefully horded wad of store credit and gift cards. But a quick call to Mr. Sanity, Tim, changed my mind, not the least of which because the game will drop in price, probably in short order. The count: 1 ball, 2 strikes.

And now I see there is a player rebellion against EA and Spore over on the Amazon page for the game. Spore, and by extension EA, is being savaged for its horribly intrusive and abusive copy-protection. This is pretty much a deal killer for me. I end up having to re-install my OSes every so often and only three ‘activations’ is just ridiculous. I’m shelling out some hard earned cash for a game, I want to be assured that I can install when and where I want, without the publisher looking over my shoulder. I don’t even see the point here, as any copy protection they come out with will be cracked withing thirty microseconds of release. All they’re doing is hurting their customers. The ones who are paying (in more ways than one) for their games. Sorry EA, you’ve lost a sale from me. Strike 3, yer out! (Oh how I wish I could find a video of Dutch Rennert punching out a batter. Makes me sad knowing he isn’t umpiring anymore.)

I think I’ll be thinking twice about buying anymore EA games, especially those with terrible copy protection. If you’d like to see a company that doesn’t treat its customers like thieves, try Stardock. Galactic Civilizations is fun and has no copy protection whatsoever. In fact, none of their games do. And see their Gamers Bill of Rights to understand why they get it.

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2 Comments on To Spore or Not to Spore

  1. Wow….. just wow… JP, you are no longer a DRM padawan, you are the master! Now witness the firepower of this fully armed and operational DRM free battle station!

  2. Now here’s a case of DRM backfiring against the companies. I remember the pure hell I went through just to install Half-Life 2 on my computer. 3 hour install I think. Will Wright is awesome, but EA is pure evil.

    On the plus side, people seem to be enjoying the customability of the game. I saw people designing R2-D2s and Tardis’ and other things. Has anyone made a Wookie?

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