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Tube Bits for 09/08/2008

  • And now for the J.J. Abrams/Fringe portion of our bits:
    • Wired has a really nice interview with Fringe co-creators Alex Kurtzman and Robert Orci. They talk Fringe, Star Trek and a bunch of other stuff they’re involved in. How does one get that gig?
    • MovieWeb also has an interview dealing with Fringe, this time with Abrams himself and with male lead Joshua Jackson. I do like, however, Abrams saying the storied in the show are not influenced by the politics of the times, just the science.
    • Fox is going high-tech to measure ad effectiveness during the premier of Fringe. During a test screening of the pilot, a group of viewers were outfitted with a biometrics vest to measure heart rate and respiration, indicators of ad effectiveness. It’s just one more step from there to VR suits, but who knew it would be the commercials leading the way?
  • Would you let your kids watch Stargate: Continuum? Wired Blogs has a handy parents guide to the movie to help you decide!
  • Masi Oka banned from Scrubs finale, by NBC. I guess being on a rival network will do that.
  • Having played The Force Unleashed demo, I can now say, “I’m in!” See a cool TV commercial below:
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