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Tube Bits for 09/24/2008

  • NotCot ‘twitterviews‘ S.A.R.A.H. from Eureka. Yes, the house was interviewed using Twitter, which is a rather cool idea, and yes again, S.A.R.A.H. has a twitter account that you can follow.
  • And now for the obligatory Heroes portion of our bits. After the premier, you may not care, but I’m guessing some do…
    • Amazon has a long interview with Zachary Quinto and Tim Kring.
    • It seems the viewing public is catching on that Heroes is not ‘all that’ anymore. The show came in third place for the evening in ratings. I like how they call Heroes a ‘novelty’ series.
  • Sci Fi Wire predicts Fringe will win in a battle between it and Eleventh Hour. Having not seen Eleventh Hour yet (Oct. 9th), but I don’t think the bar is set all that high by Fringe.
  • Sy Fy Portal wonders where the idea for Virtuality came from, then proceeds to drop Old Twentieth by Joe Haldemann as a possible ‘source’. It sounds very close, but who knows what Moore has or hasn’t read?
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2 Comments on Tube Bits for 09/24/2008

  1. It turns my world upside down that the SciFi Channel has a better genre show than the networks can manage… except maybe FOX. Black is White! Night is Day!

  2. I wasn’t all that impressed with Fringe. I caught the first episode, and couldn’t be bother to catch the second (both on, which I *was* impressed with). It alternated between a “we are on Fox we are so slick and adult” feeling and a “we are so not the X-Files omg u guyz” feeling. Mostly, it felt like a show that needs honest-to-god writers. The X-Files had the occasional guest, and the fact that it could really did help.


    I dunno. Most pilots are crummy. Maybe it’ll turn into something brilliant later. But the first episode left me with a resounding “meh.” I spent the whole time watching it, waiting for Mulder and Scully to step out of a car… 🙂

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