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Tube Bits for 09/29/2008

  • Mike Brotherton implores writers of SF TV and movies who are adapting SF stories to not add some sort of ‘societal message’. There’s a reason the story is good, adding a message can only muck it up.
  • BuddyTV gives us 5 steps for success for Knight Rider. After seeing the series premier, I don’t think success is in the cards.
  • Aaron Douglas supposedly spills some heavy duty spoilers about the ending episodes of Battlestar Galactica. Could be cool, depending on how they do it, if this is true.
  • Kristin from E! Online has a bunch of spoilers for Heroes season 3 and boy, if they don’t convince you Heroes is a soap opera, nothing will.
  • Is Fringe already too predictable? I’d have to agree so far with the thesis…
  • Check out this cool Cylon Raider Artisan Replica from Quantum Mechanix, and all for just a tad under $1k.
  • And finally, here’s Amanda Tapping talking about the upcoming Sci Fi Channel series, Sanctuary:

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  1. If only Knight Rider had societal messages, it would be doing better!

    Maybe they could hire some of Heroes writers, they aren’t busy. šŸ˜€


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