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What Did You Think About the Heroes Season 3 Premiere? (I Think it Sucked)

Against my better judgment and and common sense, I let the wife talk me into watching the Heroes season 3 premiere. I figured it would at least confirm my decision to turn my back on the show when I (finally) realized that season 2 sucked.

Boy, was I right to quit. This episode is just the same suckage from season 2 under the season 3 label.

This time, the show didn’t even hold me for its entirety. I gave up (again) after the first 45 minutes or so, but here’s what I wish I could forget:

*** Spoilers Ahead! ***

  1. The opening seen with future Claire pointing a gun at future Peter. Where’s the drama? What, she forgot that he mimics her healing power? Did they not have passing a grade requirement on the cheerleading squad?
  2. Sylar, like Peter, is too powerful. What’s to stop him? Oh, I guess hiding in a louver closet. Nice move, cheerleader. You’re running from a guy who can close doors and windows with the force of his mind, and slice off your skull from a distance, yet you hide in a see-through closet. So, I guess the answer is “No” to that passing grade requirement question.
  3. Hiro jumping to a future and seeing evil Ando. Come on! Hasn’t it already been established that the future is just one possible outcome? And if the future is changeable, then isn’t Hiro just relegated to constantly popping forward to see that society is running smoothly, like some time traveling lighthouse keeper?
  4. The introduction of Miss Flash was interesting, or maybe a gaffe. It showed that Hiro does not stop time as we had been led to believe, but instead it just moves really, really slowly.
  5. Mohinder gets super powers? How lame. I guess he was feeling left out, what with everyone else around him having super powers. And his impending hook-up with Maya is unnecessary soap opera and forced. (Anyone remember how “young” she was portrayed last season and how sultry she is made up to be here? No? is that just me, then?)
  6. Nikki is back! Somebody shoot me. Or make my eyes bleed black blood. I read that Nikki has no recollection of her past life, yet somehow, in this new identity, she still manages to sell her body to politicians and – even more unlikely – once again come to cross paths with Nathan.
  7. Speaking of Nathan, was it any surprise he was coming back? Linderman coming back was mildly surprising, but by then Nathan’s finding religion (because, you know, even though he knows about Peter’s and Linderman’s healing power, he suddenly finds God) had numbed me into a mild coma.

That’s it. Now I am really done. This time I mean it when I say: Heroes, you are dead to me.

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26 Comments on What Did You Think About the Heroes Season 3 Premiere? (I Think it Sucked)

  1. And once again, Heroes demonstrates that Peter Petrelli is the stupidest person in the known universe.  And this season appears poised to prove that virtually everyone else on the show is equally stupid.  Didn’t see the “Luke, I’m your mother” scene coming.  That was the only genuinely interesting moment of the whole wasted two hours.

  2. The only Heroes I’ve watched was (I think) from the first season and I just didn’t see what people are so ga-ga over. Thanks for letting me know I’m probably (still) not missing anything.

  3. Arrrgh…I was going to at least defend the fast pacing of the show, but now you’ve convinced me that it sucked!


    You missed mention of the total The Fly ripoff with the Indian guy.

  4. I think I missed The Fly reference.  Was it in the first 45 minutes?

  5. The irritating thing about Heroes is, there are bits throughout that could make a REALLY interesting show. whathisface, the Cop with the telepathy…a show around his aspect? It could be enjoyable, in a realistic protrayal sort of way. Sort of what Journeyman did for Time Travel (as opposed to what Hiro does with time travel, which somehow makes as lovable a character as Hiro BORING)

    Sylar. Who is this Sylar? Oh, right, Spock. I have chosen tot hink of him only as Spock now.

    I didn’t even watch the Season 3 premiere. I was complaining when Season 1 started that sooner or later, having Jeph Loeb running around behind the scenes was going to break things. Honestly, season 2 wasn’t wreckage because of the writer’s strike, it was a disaster all by itself. And there’s nothing with Season 3 that makes me care.

    ALl I can hope for is that people, hungering for more, go off and read some good comics.

    Can you imagine how interesting Heroes would be with some WRITERS? I mean, crimeny, give Heroes to Joss Whedon. That would be fantastic, and interesting. Give it to Joe Straczynski. Give it to Alan Moore…although that would make it riveting and delightful, even as we all had no idea what was happening… 🙂

  6. Great point, Pete.  One of the biggest disappointments with Heroes is the untapped potential.  OK, sure, maybe the creators are trying to make a different show that what I would like to see (which would be good heroes vs. bad heroes, a al X-Men, since you asked) , but still…

  7. I haven’t had a chance to watch HEROES, but I feel sorry for the fans because of the “untapped potential”, as you said. The premise is just so good.

  8. John,

    You missed the best parts…

    Mohinder has super powers because of his discovery.

    Elle’s dad is killed by Sylar, putting Mrs. Petrelli in charge of “the company”.

    Mrs Petrelli is Sylar’s real mom… making Sylar a relative of Claire, Peter and Nathan.

    and (spoiler if you didn’t see preview for next week):

    Next week, (HRG) Noah Bennet gets to meet his new partner (Sylar).


  9. Ooops. just noticed you mentioned Mohinders powers… guess that was earlier than I thought…

  10. I decided after the pain of actually sticking through last season, I wasn’t coming back – looks like it was the right decision. 🙂

  11. I loved Season 1 of Heroes. I liked all the characters. There were only two major gaffes in it, and both were due to them having something very cool planned, not having the money to do it and then substituting something lamer that didn’t make as much sense. So then came Season 2, where they experimented a little. They added some new characters — who I liked; I thought Maya, a nice person with a deadly power that threatened to turn her into a villain, was interesting, sue me — and they took the three most powerful characters — Hiro, Peter and Sylar — and hobbled them in different ways, giving them obstacles to overcome. And they had the heroes further working together. They developed what was going to be a really wild virus epidemic plot. Then came the writers strike, budget cuts and most of all, fans screaming at them that they should do this, do that, in contradictory streams, so they junked the promising plot for a lame quick wrap-up. The poor Irish girlfriend was left in the now-changed future, so who knows what happened to her. So okay, Season 3, but now they’re so panicked by fans, they can’t say boo, and proceeded to contradict half of what they had before. (Though Liderman isn’t really back and Nathan explains why he believes God’s involved, and the speedster’s power allows her to circumvent partially Hiro’s power, not invalidate it.) Mama Petrelli’s revealed power makes no sense with her previous actions, etc.

    Except, there are still really cool bits that were classic Heroes — Sylar taking Claire’s power, Matt finding a new friend in the desert, Noah, Elle and Sylar on Level 5, Noah explaining to Claire that he has to rejoin the Company he sought to destroy, Hiro and Ando discussing how to trap the speedster in reference to Batman and Catwoman. So I’m going to keep watching, because it’s a good cast and because the writing is sometimes there, and because restructuring your mythology inconsistently is after all a comic book tradition. Because this show has tried something more ambitious than any other superhero show before it. And if the comic fanboys ease up, they may find their footing. But if they bring in the clones, I may have to jump ship. 🙂

  12. Here’s a thought:

    Why didn’t Peter, immediately after Nathan was shot, go back in time and stop the shooter?


    Heroes is turning into a soap opera: ‘evil’ twins, secret siblings (I am your mother!, WTF?), storylines made up as you go along, etc. If I wanted that, which I don’t, I’d go watch Smallville. They at least aren’t pretending to be something ‘new’.

    As for Hiro, there should be no way in hell even a super fast wench could stop him. Just pop back in time a half second and trip her up. Or put up a net and let her run into it. Come on.

    And they killed off the Greatest American Hero! Those bastards!

    Looks like Monday nights are now open for me, until Chuck returns.

  13. hey jp because peter was the one who shot nathan! retard.

  14. We have some witty insults a-flying now! woot woot, I say thee!

    The problem with time travel, be it Hiro’s or Peter’s, is that you can’t just have it as another super-power on a show like this. The problem with time-travel (and we saw this in Journeyman and in Back to the Future) is that it REALLY wrecks everything. And it asks the reader/viewer to make too big a concession to the writer.

    The writer is having to say “I KNOW that he could just go back five minutes and kill the guy…but for the sake of a narrative, I can’t do that.” And that’s a big glaring problem to have built right into your show.

    It was like the sheer problem introduced with the Time Turner, in Harry Potter. All right, it solves the problem in book 3. Why not go back and stop Voldomort in the very first place? Why not go back to book 1, when he’s a face on a guy’s head, and kill him then? Why not zip forward and figure out how to solve the problem, and then…you see, it just opens up a can of worms. And if you ignore it, you do damage to the story.

  15. God…heroes sucked big time…Not watching it ever again.I’m done.

  16. And yes, the show could be a lot better… Even for a fanboy, it’s aggravating at times.

    At least Chuck starts next week!

  17. Haha I was wondering why Peter was “running” away from the bad guys in the opening scene when he could have just flown away.

  18. Moonbase_Alpha // September 23, 2008 at 7:44 pm //

    I think the Fly rip-off, er, homage, was in the second hour. Hard to remember as this show is so incredibly painful to watch. It feels like Sylar is cutting out a piece of my brain every week…

    Mohinder injected himself with some adrenal drug (ala Promicin from 4400, which they rip off as well…), and shortly thereafter felt super-charged. He was climbing up the walls and around the rafters of the loft shirtless, exactly like Jeff Goldblum, bedded Maya because he’s now an uber-man (see Goldblum/Geena Davis), and then went to the bathroom and begin picking and poking at strange body growths and ripping an odd piece off and dropping it in the sink – just like Brundle-fly.

    I’m sure in a week or two they’ll reveal that Maya is pregnant with Mohinder’s mutant baby…

  19. I think Season 1 was fresh and exciting.  The makers took their time to tell the story—a complicated story, sure, but they gave it to us at a pace that was easy to absorb.  True, there were a lot of characters, but I think the leisurely pace made it easier to deal with that, too.  I thought that the “paintings of the future” was a clever way to foreshadow, as well as a great connect-the-dots vehicle to keep the story on a linear path.  And Sylar was delightfully psychotic.


    Then Seasons 2 and 3 came around, and I think they dove into the biggest mistakes that comics make.  (1) They’ve brought back characters who are supposed to be dead or otherwise incapacitated, such as Peter, Sylar (although, I think Sylar is a great villain and it fits that he manages to slither away from the reaper), Nikki, Linderman, Matt’s father (the Nightmare Man), and HRG Bennet.  Killing characters that everyone likes, such as Peter and HRG, gives that emotional slap that stings, but it makes fans genuinely afraid for characters in trouble if the fans believe that characters can, and will, die. 


    (2) They have too many characters in the spotlight, instead of focusing on the lives of five or six and having the rest pop in and out in supporting roles.  Right now I think we are wrapped up in Peter, Nathan, Cheerleader, HRG, Matt, Mohinder, Hiro, Sylar, Ms. Petrelli, and Maya.  The only secondaries we have are Ando, the little girl with the location ability, and Cheerleader’s mom and brother.  It might not seem so bad if not for—


    (3)  The pace now moves at ADHD (attention deficit hyperactive disorder) speed.  Don’t treat it like a race.  Slow down a bit, explore the characters some more.  And simplify the storyline.  George Lucus made the same mistake with the new StarWars films: a way complicated, who-is-deceiving-who plot told at a lightspeed.


    And (4) they’ve yanked some out-of-character rabbits out of their hat, such as Nikki conveniently having a third prostitute persona after she had supposedly been cured of her MPD, and Mohinder’s solid, scientific stand for doing the right thing has conveniently given way to the rash, unscientific injecting of himself with “Hero Serum” just so they could show what happens to normal people who try to become heroes.  Oh, and Sylar’s sudden arrival at Cheerleader’s house after the Bennets had just split from California to go deeper into hiding.


    And I agree that the whole time travel thing is way too powerful.  Nix the time travel, or greatly limit it in some way, such as only being able to move forward, or only being able to use it once a month, or the farther in time you travel, the more it wears you out…something.



  20. More than anything else, I was infuriated by the utter lack of writing skill. I want to make a popup video version of this two hour opener, soucing ever single plot point, character interaction and “twist”. Some cliches were so old, I doubt the origins can be traced.

    The only original convention that Heroes seems to have created is that everyone from the future wears black, mopes alot, and acts even more poorly than the present characters.

    I had all I can stands, I can’t stands no more!

  21. “The only original convention that Heroes seems to have created is that everyone from the future wears black, mopes alot, and acts even more poorly than the present characters.”


    the future they are saving us from is the Rise of The Emo, under the tyrannical power of the Sentient Hot Topic Store. DOOM! DOOM!

  22. Come on guys!

    I loved it.




  23. I found myself getting tired of the Season 3 premier after the first half hour. Stuck it out though. It did have its moments (once in a blue moon) but overall, while I’m not a hater (yet), I am becoming indifferent.

    Cue the Tina Turner music: “We don’t need another Heros”

    (sorry, couldn’t resist)


  24. Well, I was pretty entertained by the show. Much better than last season.

  25. Jam,


    Let’s go back to the end of Season 2. Nathan gets shot and no one knows who did it. Wouldn’t the guy who can, you know, stop time immediately do so and search the crowd for the shooter? You’d think so. He didn’t. Bad, bad writers.

    Thanks for sharing though.

  26. I’m in the same boat as most of you.  This show is just terrible, yet I keep watching it for fear that as soon as I stop watching it, the writers will get their act together.  But this premiere was just too awful and it makes me mad.  I need to be strong and give up.  There are better things to do with free time.


    Heroes, you had your chance and you blew it.  I’ll bet ratings will plummet next week and that this will be the last season.

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