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Alan Tudyk on Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show

Your weekly dose of random acts of Japanese styled insanity, Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show (starring your host Kiko (down Tim)), is back and Alan Tudyk (Wash from Firefly) is co-starring. In this episode Alan (or Girly Boy as they call him) is kidnapped by a giant Lobster monster. Can Kiko and her super friends rescue him? Will it make sense? Find out below!

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5 Comments on Alan Tudyk on Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show

  1. Miranda…..

  2. I was ready to bail almost immedaitely, but was momentarily stalled by the wheel of fun. I am now eternally afraid of both chickens and bubbles, and can watch no more.

  3. Is this some sort of faux-japanese meta-joke thing? It seems kinda over the top. Funny, and wacky, but, almost too Crazy Japanese ™.

  4. @Niteowl,


    Yes, this is a parody of various Japanese game/variety shows. And before you think this is over the top, perhaps you should track a few down and compare. You may be surprised.

  5. Personally, I like Kiko and the show.  I mean it is the over the top elements that really make me giggle, and how can you go wrong with both Unicow and a Wheel of Fun.   And if you go back to Season 1 – you can see the overachieving Cownicorn fight the underappreciated UniCow…

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