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At The Trailer Park: LOST, Watchmen, Bolt, Push, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnasus, Outlander

It’s been awhile since our last Trailer Park, so that means we have quite a few trailers to get to. First up is the Season 5 Trailer for LOST. UGO has a nice little article decoding the trailer, and I must say, if what they think is true, the people who dislike the SF elements in LOST are going to spit the bit.

Filmonic has the new Watchmen trailer, which premiered this past weekend at the Scream Awards 2008. Nothing has changed to make me not want to see this movie when it’s finally released. It just looks flat out awesome.

Speaking of Filmonic, they also point us to this four minute clip of the new animated superhero dog comedy, Bolt. Completely over the top, but with some really cool shots.

Ever wondered what Heroes would look like on the big screen? This trailer for Push just might give you a glimpse. Push looks to be about a group of people with superpowers, on the run for a secret government agency (cliche? Oh, yeah).

You may remember that the late Heath Ledger was working on a film with Terry Gilliam before sadly passing away. That film is The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnasus, and here’s a short video with Gilliam talking about the film, with some storyboards and unfinished CGI shots.

And now I’ll leave you with a film that, sadly, has only had a very limited worldwide release: Outlander. It’s a shame, really, who wouldn’t want to see a movie about Vikings, aliens and dragons?

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