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Books Received: October 27, 2008

Here are the books we received this past week.

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  1. The best & worst cover!
  2. Which books you most/least want to read?
  3. Which of these authors have you read before?
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4 Comments on Books Received: October 27, 2008

  1. Being a personal friend, I am of course excited most by Bear’s hardcover. Besides that, I think the best cover is the Carver (I’m a sucker for astronomical art). I don’t like the Royle cover at all.



  2. The Carver looks excellent. Time to start looking for it at the store! Fast Ships also has a nice looking cover.

  3. Ah, Almuric. Isn’t that the book with the “winged negroes” in it? There was a killer adaptation of that in Epic Illustrated.

  4. Best Cover: All the Windwracked Stars, though all the ones in the last three rows are decent.

    Worst Cover: PS Showcase #4: Glyphotech.

    Read Before: Howard, Moore, Brackett, Gygax, Salvatore, Bear, and Carver.  Looking forward to the Gygax one, he was only a passable writer, but inventing D&D gets you a few bonus points.


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