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Books Received: October 6, 2008

Here are the books we received this past week.

Fun games you can play:

  • Critique the book covers!
  • Tell us which books pique your interest!
  • Tell us about past reading experiences with any of these authors!

The Westerfeld book is a reprint of his phenomenal Succession series.

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7 Comments on Books Received: October 6, 2008

  1. I really like Chris McGrath’s work – so if using him suggests that Ex-Kop is some sort of hardboiled SF cop story, you can count me in.

    The Westerfeld I’ve read, it is pretty reasonable.

    Read one Terry Goodkind novella in Legends, and it is one of the worst pieces of professionally published writing I think I have seen in almost any decade.


  2. I continue to love Martiniere’s work (I assume it’s his art on the new edition of Westerfeld’s “Killing of Worlds,” which is a solidly good book, BTW).


    And I have to say, the cover of “The Comet’s Curse” is 100% effective. I looked at it and thought “Wow, that looks like a YA book” and sure enough I click through and its about a spaceship full of people under the age of 16.

  3. I’ve read Wizard’s First Rule, and this new cover is completely wrong for the book. It’s a nice cover, but the tone and emphasis are off.

  4. The new cover for Wizard’s First Rule is skinned for the upcoming TV series.

  5. Best Cover: Without a doubt THE COMET’S CURSE is the best of this bunch. A gold star to the Tor designer who cranked it out. I like the Westerfeld book too. For some reason the template doesn’t bother me.
    Worst Cover: CAINE BLACK KNIFE is the weakest cover. But it’s not horrible.
    Random Comment: It’s not my thing at all, but EX-KOP dutifully promotes itself on the bookshelf (even better than KOP). Mission accomplished.


    Best Cover: Probably Wizard’s First Rule, but I agree that it doesn’t quite fit the book.  Worst Cover: I hate to be the contrarian here but The Comets Curse has a horrible cover (imho).  A crappy portrait is not art and it doesn’t even hint at the book’s genre.

    Goodkind’s book is entertaining enough but leads into a Jordanesque never-ending series that quickly goes downhill.

  7. I have to agree with Dave above and disagree with some other commenters: I really dislike the cover for THE COMET’S CURSE. I think it looks cheap and unexciting. And it certainly doesn’t feel like SF, though it does feel YA. Boring.

    I rather like the retro feel of the Westerfield, and though I cannot READ Goodkind, the cover is fine.  The other two fall in the middle.





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