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Hassel the Hoff on November 6th in PAIN


Attention all you PS3 owners, David Hasselhoff will be appearing in a new expansion for PAIN, called PAIN Movie Lot. PAIN allows you to launch characters into various settings with the goal of inflicting as much pain on them as you can. Think of it as a puzzle with ‘human’ projectiles.

The new expansion adds new characters and sets, all themed around a movie studio. As you might imagine from the title of this post, David Hasselhoff is one of the new characters you can toss around. Now, instead of watching old Knight Rider re-runs and wondering if he did his own stunts, now you can turn the Hoff into your own personal crash test dummy for points! Sweet.

If you watch the Hoff themed trailer at at People Magazine, you’ll see that Hasselhoff is having a great time voice acting (apparently the last refuge for those who can’t get a real acting job on the new Knight Rider) for the game.

Which prompts the question: Who is the best at accepting their ‘cheese’ factor late in their career: The Hoff or The Shat?

Trailer for the expansion below:

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  1. Yaaaaaaaay!!
    Everyone loves The Hoff! simply beautiful!

    this film I made proves that 😉



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