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It’s The Zombiepocalypse: Bring Friends! (Left 4 Dead TV Spot)

It’s Halloween and people everywhere will be dressing up and going door to door, begging for their favorite high fructose corn syrup candy. Those we don’t get what they want just might turn into a zombie and start infecting everyone around them. Sooner than you think, the zombiepocalypse is upon us. What better way to celebrate than to watch this TV spot for the upcoming Valve survival game, Left 4 Dead, where you and 3 friends get to annihilate wave after wave of the zombie hordes.

Considering the rather low system specs, your PC might actually be a zombie and still be able to play. And for even more fun, joint their “Dude, where’s my thumb?” contest! This is one game several of us here at SF Signal’s excessively boarded up World HQ will be acquiring. We’ll see you in game, if we don’t shoot you first…

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