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New Star Trek XI Stills Released

J.J. Abrams’ version of Star Trek is currently on track for a May 8th, 2009 release date. So far we’ve had a teaser trailer and a few underwhelming movie posters to get whet our appetites. Until now. There are several new still photos of the cast that have appeared on the web, let’s take a look at two of them.

First up, the supporting cast in one shot:


Not bad, but not that exciting either. You can definitely see the updated visual aesthetic here, as compared to the original series, what with the cool blue fluorescent lighting and the see through glass paneling. I happen to like that quite a bit, hopefully the whole movie will look good.

Next we have an action shot of Spock:


Now, I’m sorry, but this looks like Sylar using his ‘evil’ face here (as opposed to Sylar’s Pulp Fiction/John Travolta look now that he’s teamed up with HRG, but I digress). Which makes me ask: Is Quinto now typecast as Sylar? From earlier pics I thought he had the Vulcan look down pat. Now, I’m not so sure.

There are two more pics at the first link above, but I still don’t have enough to go on to decide if I want to see this one or not (I still haven’t seen the last one, BTW). I see the first trailer will be running in front of the new Bond flick, Quantum of Solace, so I’m hoping to get a decent feel then. Of course, Abrams may pull a Lucas and have the trailer make a crappy film look good.

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12 Comments on New Star Trek XI Stills Released

  1. Thanks for finding and sharing these pics. I was just thinking about the upcoming Star Trek movie today, but I can only go so long not thinking about Star Trek, unless medicated.

    The new Kirk looks totally yummy. So was the old Kirk. Shatner’s the best looking Canadian ever! But I’m all for this new guy too.

    I don’t think you need worry about the actor for the new Spock being typecast as Sylar, because I don’t even know who Sylar is.

    I followed the link and one of the other pictures was of an evil looking Romulan, I believe. I always like the Romulans so that’s promising if it’s the case.

  2. @Tracy – I don’t even know who Sylar is.


    Wow, you must be one of only a handful of people who have escaped exposure to NBC’s Heroes.

    Lucky you!


  3. I agree that Spock is in angry Sylar mode.  Isn’t anger an emotion? 

    This isn’t typecasting — that would be always casting Quinto as a psycho — this is bad acting.

  4. Also, is it me, or does Kirk look a little too young have his own command?  It looks like Dawson’s Starship.  I’m just sayin’.

  5. I don’t know who Sylar is either and was going to ask!  I can’t imagine anybody being typecast from one show that’s going to have maybe 3 seasons.

  6. Yeah, I thought Kirk looked a bit young too…Cap’n Babyface. I can live with this.

    Oh, so Sylar is on Heroes. That explains why I have never heard of him. I don’t watch much TV, except for shows on DVD.

  7. Cool–I’m glad to see that John Cho is in this. Although when I first saw the pic it made me think it would be so awesome to see a film like HAROLD AND KUMAR GO TO OUTER SPACE!

  8. >> I can’t imagine anybody being typecast from one show that’s going to have maybe 3 seasons.

    The irony of this statement (sorry Scott, it is ironic) is amazing! Here we are talking about Zachary Quinto possibly being typecast because I see him as Sylar and not Spock, and I can disprove Scott’s statement (or at least help him out) with two words:

    Star Trek

    The original series, which ran 3 seasons gave us not one, not two, but three typecast actors: Shatner, Nimoy and Kelly, and to a certain extent the other major-minor characters.

    See? Irony FTW!

  9. I’m keeping an open mind as to the quality this new Star Trek movie will (or will not) display, and I admit I’m happy about Karl Urban as Doctor McCoy. Not that I think he’ll make a great McCoy, just that I like him as is.  And I, too, have never experienced Heroes and count myself lucky for the ommision.

    But – is it just me, or does that cover of Entertainment(somethingorother) floating around out there of the new Kirk and Spock look a tad . . . dar I say it . . . Homoerotic?  Something about the pose, the look, the “prettiness” of the characters in that particular photo.  Well, let’s just say, after seeing that, I needed a shower.  Now I’m a bit more concerned about the new movie, but I’ll still try and keep that rusty ol’ mind open.

    Even if it really does look more like Dawson’s Spaceship than I’d like.

  10. @Even if it really does look more like Dawson’s Spaceship than I’d like.


    How about NNC-90210?

  11. Am I the only one who noticed the mini-skirt on the bridge and wondered outloud, “Did these guys not learn anything about how angry that used to make folks?” 

    I’m sure if I went looking around Blogistan folks would be, and rightfully so for once (even a broke clock is right twice a day), screaming over this.

    Aside from that, the pics look great.


    S. F. Murphy

  12. Stillafan // April 7, 2009 at 9:57 am //

         I see no one has posted on this for a long time, AND I am not the type of person who ever leaves posts, however I just could not resist!

     I am in my mid 30’s and am a fan of most ALL Sci-Fi.. Love the Star Trek series, movies, old and new, etc..

    I am more of a movie person and not so much a TV series person because I  have an old school bias that “they just don’t make ’em like they used to”.

     First thing I would like to express:

    To all the people who say they have not watched the TV show HEROES.  I must tell you this: I was THE person who thought the show seemed stupid and actually said “It is just another 20- 30yr old, good looking, unrealistic, typical hollywood new age formulated, with too many gratuitous sex scenes, and bland acting TV show, only they have some kind of  special powers! What a waste of time””!!!                                             

    I feel silly admitting this but I am hooked! I only started watching HEROES because I was bored one weekend and I found it streaming free on the Internet. I was very sceptical at first and the show struck me as just OK,  but somehow  by the second episode I was dying to find out what would happen in the next episode. I realized I REALLY liked HEROES! I felt like I was watching a great Sci Fi Movie! I spent the entire weekend watching the whole series!

    If you like science fiction, which I am assuming you would or you would not even look up Star Trek, you will most likely love the show Heroes. Give it a shot. It was a wonderful suprise for me!

    Sorry, I digress. The point of really leaving this message is because this web page is awesome and it really made me laugh!

    How I arrived at this page is too funny!

     I literally got to this page by typing into the Google bar search this:

    Is anyone else going to have a problem watching the new Star Trek movie and keep thinking of Spock as Sylar’ !!!  It brought me right to this page! I honestly did not think I would get any matches! It was just a random entry! Then to my suprise I scroll down AND in the 2nd Picture and WOW IT IS SYLAR WEARING IN A SPOCK SUIT!!

    Then I chuckle and think to myself Did Sylar kill Spock to steal his powers and then shapeshift himself to trick everyone?” HAHA — *note* You will not understand that last sentence unless you have seen the TV show* Sorry I digress again!

     I have watched several of the trailers and previews. I think I am going to struggle with NOT seeing Spock as Sylar unless the actor Quinto is truly  a good actor and manages to portray Spock as Spock, not as a  Spock Sylar hybrid.   In the previews even Spock’s voice sounds like the “evil, emotionless, cold and calculating” voice of Sylar! I think the biggest obstacle for  Quinto the actor will be  prove that he has the ability to truly portray a character other than a “emotionless, calculating, and somewhat dark” character. I truly hope he succeeds!!!

    I am excited about the movie’s release.  I love Star Trek. I wish the best for both the TV series HEROES and Star Trek.

    To whomever created this web page – THANK YOU FOR THE LAUGH TODAY!


    P.S.  For the record (not that anyone cares really πŸ™‚  Trouble with the Tribbles is my favorite episode of the original Star Trek series!!



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