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Old School Star Wars Filmstrip

From an obscure 1978 educational kit. Sweet. It’s like I’m sitting on the classroom floor again. (Which is how they herded us together back then.)

[via Grrl Still Kickin’]

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2 Comments on Old School Star Wars Filmstrip

  1. [sigh] I’m being serious when I say that these were the good days. This filmstrip really did a number on me this afternoon. I was so there, back in my elementary classroom, on a Friday afternoon, watching this. For all the high-tech wizardry you can do now, there’s nothing like this anymore. There was more imagination on display back then. And the story was clear-cut: Vader killed Luke’s dad; Greedo fired first, Luke and Leia were not kin. It was so simple. [sigh]

  2. I remember film strips like that from elementary school too. They always came with a record. This one didn’t have the “beep” that signalled the teacher to flip to the next frame.

    Those were the days. All it took was a single image and a few words and we built whole sequences of action in our heads.


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