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This Is How The World Ends, Again: Fallout 3 Releases Today

We’re deep into the gaming madness that is the pre-holiday season, with several big name games already shipping (Dead Space and Fable 2, of which I’ve played both and finished neither). The hits keep coming with perhaps the biggest game so far being released today, Fallout 3. Based on the Oblivion engine, Fallout 3 promises to bring you oodles of open ended, go anywhere game world goodness from Oblivion, but in a darkly humorous post-apocalyptic settings. Oblivion had many, many hours of gameplay, depending on how many side quests you did, and Fallout 3 appears to have the same extra stuff in it. My already limited available time just became almost zero…

The temptation here is to be at the store when it opens, buy the darn thing, then play hooky and stay home all day playing. Tempting, but probably not going to happen. What will happen, however, will be the purchase of Fallout 3, which will then go into the gaming queue. But, I hear you ask, if this is Fallout 3, do I need to know about Fallout 1 and 2? If you don’t mind being spoiled, the answer is no! GameTrailers has a great retrospective on the Fallout franchise, with all the info you need to know:

Now that you’re caught up with the previous entries in the series, you’ll want to see Fallout 3 in action. Luckily, Gamespot has several gameplay videos up for your enjoyment. I’ll link the first, you can follow the rest here. There’s a reason they ask you for your age, really there is.

Some of the stuff that can happen in this game is so over the top, it’s almost funny. Still, that’s part of the charm here, and I can’t wait to get my hands on this game. I haven’t played a decent RPG since, well, Oblivion. That this is a SF RPG is just icing. Who’s with me? (Sadly, no multiplayer in Fallout 3…)

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2 Comments on This Is How The World Ends, Again: Fallout 3 Releases Today

  1. I’m with you, if my PC can run the bloody thing.  There are far too few SF RPGS out there.


    And the fact that they concentrated on the SP experience gives me high hopes that it will be a time sink in a good way.

  2. What better use of free time?  Too bad I’d need to buy a new PC to play all the great new games out now.

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