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TOC: Fantasy & Science Fiction Magazine, December 2008

Here is the table of contents for the December 2008 issue of Fantasy & Science Fiction magazine.

    • “A Foreign Country” by Wayne Wightman
    • “Leave” by Robert Reed
    • “A Skeptical Spirit” by Albert E. Cowdrey
    • “How the Day Runs Down” by John Langan
  • SHORT STORY: “Falling Angel” by Eugene Mirabelli
  • CLASSIC REPRINT: “The Alarming Letters From Scottsdale” by Warner Law
    • Editorial by Gordon Van Gelder
    • Books to Look For by Charles de Lint
    • Books by James Sallis
    • Coming Attractions
    • Films: Bloody Hell on Lake Neuchatel by Lucius Shepard
    • Index to Volumes 114 & 115
    • Curiosities by Lucy Sussex

Cover: “The Moment” by Bob Eggleton

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