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Trailer: Zardoz

The name is Zed…Exterminator Zed…

[via Cynical-C Blog]

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3 Comments on Trailer: Zardoz

  1. That was painful. Sean Connory must have either been in serious need of work, or they paid him a heck of a lot of money to make that movie.

    Since I’ve never heard of ZARDOZ, I’m assuming the movie stank. I know Sean Connory was a sex symobol back in the day, but I’d be hard pressed to pay good money to watch him run around in red drawers for 2 hours.

    Oh…I think I’m about to upchuck.

  2. Lord!  I remember watching that with some of my friends.  And all I can remember is the end.  Lucky guy!


    Yeah, that was definitely not one to be remembered for much.

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