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Tube Bits for 10/01/2008

  • Did you know that Heroes had learned from the mistakes of season 2? Neither did I. Apparently the pacing has improved. I’d say it’s become more like ADD fast, and clones (or somesuch)? Yup, it’s a soap opera.
  • Matt Hurwitz of the AP has piece about Sanctuary, the new Sci Fi Channel series, and how the stars of the show had to learn to interact with a green screen. You’d think this would be old hat nowadays, especially with SF series.
  • Is The Sarah Connor Chronicles close to be canceled? Sy Fy Portal’s ‘source’ says ‘Yes.‘ Apparently ratings are so bad that they are affecting Prison Break too, and Fox just can’t have that. I’ve been underwhelmed so far this year with TSCC, so I don’t think its cancellation would be a huge blow.
  • USA Today gathers a few experts in various scientific fields and ‘discovers’ that the science in Fringe is way out there, man. You’d have to be dense to think otherwise. I mean, an entirely new spectrum? Really?
  • Whoa, check out this Honda commercial starring Michael J. Fox, fresh off his success as Marty McFly. It’s even in Japanese:
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  1. This is my favorite website lately as I am a belated collector of Science Fiction pulp magazines.  Look at

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