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Tube Bits for 10/02/2008

  • Fringe must be all right, since they just got a full season order from Fox. I suppose it warrants a full season, it’s interesting enough. If the writers improve like those on The X-File, then Fringe could be a bang-up show.
  • SF Gate pushes Pushing Daisies as a returning show that everyone should watch. I second that sentiment, everyone should watch. What other show would have two characters sing a cover version of They Might Be Giants’ Birdhouse in Your Soul? No other show!
  • BuddyTV argues that NBC should move Chuck to another night and remove it from the ratings bloodbath that is Monday nights. Yet another show I think more people should be watching. Morgan’s detailed Call of Duty battle plan, complete with map of the level, was awesome, and then having that play a role later in the show was pure genius. Who says gamers aren’t mainstream?
  • Sci Fi Cool has a couple of promo shots from Whedon’s Dollhouse. Can’t say that either of them does much for me, but being a Joss show, I’ll tune in to see how it is.
  • Not TV, but still cool: The BBC will be launching an all out SF assault on several of its radio stations early next year, concentrating on creating new SF drama series for radio fans. Hopefully, these will be re-broadcast over the ‘Net so us Yanks can get an earful.
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  1. I’ll say this for Fringe: as bad as you might think the writing is, it just shows how horrible Heroes is by comparison.

    I like the writing on Fringe. The characters and dialog are fun, they have a slowly unraveling mystery yet each show is self-contained and enjoyable as a standalone, and they know how to spin drama without relying on the crutches of soap opera [looks at Heroes again]. Then again, I have the benefit of not feeling the been-there-done-that vibe since I rarely watched X-Files. πŸ™‚

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