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Tube Bits for 10/09/2008

  • Bad news for The Hoff and his fans: Hasselhoff will not be appearing in the new Knight Rider series, despite rumors to the contrary. Hoff wanted to come back as the dad, or something like it, but the producers had other ideas. Probably something to do with the mysterious missing time in Mike’s past (hopefully not due to Minbari meddling). They probably came up with some really lame idea, nothing as cool as having the Hoff on the show. Which probably explains why I just can’t watch the new series.
  • It’s time to play the Rating’s Game! TV show #1 continues its downward spiral, dropping 11% this week, which should indicate it hasn’t got its mojo back. Show #2 was down 15%, which is criminal because it’s better than that. And TV show #3 appears to be a hit for CBS. Show #1 and #2? Heroes and Chuck. Show #3? The Mentalist. Looks like NBC’s slide into ratings irrelevance is continuing. I’ve only seen one The Mentalist, and thought it was decent, but not as good as Psych.
  • Is it too early to post LOST spoilers? No! Take a look at set report from Hawaii, if you dare.
  • Tim Goodman from the San Franciso Chronicle takes a look at Life on Mars and The Eleventh Hour. He’s stoke about Mars and thinks Eleventh Hour is solid. That’s a couple of positive reviews for Life on Mars that I’ve seen. I just don’t see how they can keep the whole coma/not coma thing going on indefinitely. Both Life on Mars and Eleventh Hour premier tonight on CBS.
  • Another new show that seems intriguing is the Christian Slater thriller, My Own Worst Enemy. You can watch the season premier, free, right now on Amazon’s VOD service. Additionally, there is already a webisode up about the show. It doesn’t have any characters from the TV series, but the issues brought up will directly impact the show.
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  1. No Hoff? Man am I bummed. I watched the original show to death and might have tuned in to the new version just for old time’s sake. No can do now that the Hoffster won’t be joining the party.

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