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Tube Bits for 10/15/2008


  • This has got to be the single coolest PC case mod I have ever seen. Bit-Tech brings us the Battlestar Galactica PC case. Check this bad boy out. It has the Viper landing bay on top and it has Dradis panels on the front. How cool is that? Check out the link for lots more pictures and videos of this bad boy in action. Sometimes its cool to be a geek. Hmm, maybe I should turn my cube into a replica of the Galactica‘s command deck?
  • Last night was the premier of NBC’s My Own Worst Enemy, thus completing NBC’s Monday night Sci Fi/Geek fest (Chuck and Heroes preceeding MOWE). Does television really need MOWE to be a hit to rescue the fall season? No. Does NBC need it to be a hit? Absolutely, and I’m not sure it will be.
  • NPR considers the ‘Bechdel Rule’ in the context of the ABC Family Channel series, The Middleman. Sounds interesting, unfortunately, I haven’t seen any of the series. I will have to rectify that oversight.
  • Only The Internet’s Best Reviews really, really, really dislikes Fringe. Bad writing? Maybe. Bad acting? Perhaps. Bad science? Certainly. Though calling out Fringe for bad science (which is the point, fringe science, ie. – bad science) is like calling out a dog for humping your leg. It’s what they do, get over it. Or smack them with a newspaper. I still think it’s okay, if not spectacular TV.
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3 Comments on Tube Bits for 10/15/2008

  1. The Middleman is a beautiful collision of fanboy camp and rompy scifi. Sort of X-Files meets Due South. Watch it!

  2. There’s a difference between fringe (i.e. as-yet-unprovable, unpopular) science and bad (i.e. demonstrably proven wrong) science.  Then again, I thought bad science was the least of Fringe‘s problems.

  3. I thought MOWE was mediocre at best.  How is giving your agents split personalities useful for their covers?  How does it help protect secrets?  I don’t get it. 

    On the other hand I am enjoying Fringe.  I don’t really care whether the science is good.  I like the characters, the humor and the stories.  Of course I adore the X-Files.  And Lost.

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