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Tube Bits for 10/27/2008

  • For LOST fans, 2009 can’t come soon enough. But if you don’t mind rumors that may have a little ‘spoilage’ factor with them, Comic Mix has a boatload of speculation and spoilers for season 5. Did I mention 2009 can’t some soon enough? It’s worse than Christmas as a kid…
  • You may not know it, thanks to good voice coaching, but there are many foreign born actors and actresses in leading roles on prime time TV. And many of them just happen to be in genre shows. Now, whether they’re in good roles is another question, but a quick look says, “yes”. Maybe Knight Rider should have cast a non-US citizen as the lead. They couldn’t possibly be an worse.
  • Science and Supermodels explains why everything I need to know about science I learned from watching The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra, with bonus Halloween movies you should watch list. Nicely done, especially They Live! ( you can never have enough Roddy Piper) and Lifeforce (for the same reason, except substitute ‘naked female space vampire’ for ‘Roddy Piper’).
  • The Who’s News Blog (USA Today) has a nice little interview with J.J. Abrams covering various topics, including LOST, Fringe and Alias.
  • Amazon’s Armchair Commentary gets up close and personal with the original Apollo, Richard Hatch.
  • One of my current favorite shows, Eureka will be making the jump to comics, starting this December. Actor Ed Quinn (Nathan Stark) and Andrew Cosby (co-creator of the series) have a video reveal for you:
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