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Tube Bits for 10/28/2008

  • On November 3rd, the DVD/Blu-Ray editions of The Colour of Magic will be released in jolly old England, and other parts of Region 2. You can get the plain old 1 disc version or the deluxe two-disc set, with an additional ‘making of’ feature and the sweet looking cover you see on the right. I’ve seen the mini-series and I must say it is quite good. Tim Curry is awesome as is Jeremy Irons as the Patrician. David Jason plays a find Rincewind and Sean Astin does a terrific turn as Twoflower. If you happen to live near London, Terry Pratchett will be conducting an in-store signing at the Forbidden Planet Megastore in Shaftesbury Avenue, London on Monday 3rd November 2008, between 5.30 and 6.30pm.
  • Former Dr. Who director, Joe Ahearne, is writing a new Superhero series for the BBC, to be called Superpower. The interesting thing to note here is that each episode will be stand-alone and not serially linked, as is all the rage on TV nowadays. A throwback to an earlier, simpler time, when shows didn’t have to be watched in order.
  • The latest Star Wars: The Clone Wars episode, “Rookies”, centered on a troop of clones, all voiced by the same guy, Dee Bradley Baker. I haven’t been watching this show, but this episode sounds rather interesting.
  • Wondering what’s up with Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse, what with the reshoot of the pilot and shuffling of episodes? Joss sets the record straight. Nothing to see here, move along.
  • The Galactica Sitrep Blog has a very long interview with co-executive producer and writer, Michael Taylor. Lot’s of good stuff in there for those interested in the writing process vis a vis Galactica, and the influences from other shows
  • Sam Raimi has a new TV series in production called Legend of the Seeker. It premieres Nov 1st. Below is the first ten minutes of the pilot, plus cast interviews.

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    Couldn’t they have picked a series that *didn’t* suck?

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