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Tube Bits for 10/29/2008

  • I’m not sure how I didn’t realize this yesterday, but Legend of the Seeker is actually the re-named Wizard’s First Rule, based on the book series by Terry Goodkind. In any event, you can see the first 30 minutes of the show, for free, on iTunes. But why the name change? Wizard’s First Rule is a well-known series, with a built in fanbase. Changing the name really doesn’t seem to add much.
  • Many of us here like the Sci Fi Channel series Eureka, but what would it be like to actually live there? Well, if you’re in Australia, you may just find out! The University of Queensland is planning to build a ‘brain city’ not unlike the town of Eureka, with up to 4500 resident scientists. Just imagine the hilarious hijinks that could ensue!
  • Wondering what the status is of the new Stargate Universe spin-off? Sci Fi Wire has you covered: a first script is being written, story ideas are being floated, and casting is being considered. Anyone interested in this one?
  • And now the video portion of our show. First up, Amanda Tapping on the greenscreen used for Sanctuary:

    And Tahmoh Penikett on his role in Dollhouse.

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  1. JP: Regarding the name change – I can guess at two reasons.

    1. If the series lasts long enough I imagine it will move beyond Wizard’s First Rule, past Darken Rahl, and into the territory later in the series.  Actually, if they have some balls they’ll do a book per season (except Naked Empire or Pillars of Creation, whichever one doesn’t have Richard in it) and tell whatevre side stories they are going to tell to fill out the show since Legend of the Seeker isn’t an exact telling of WFR.  Titling the series The Sword of Truth makes more sense than Wizard’s First Rule. 

    2. “Wizard”.  I can’t see a network giving any series a title with “Wizard” in it and attempt to reach an adult audience. 

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