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Astro Boy Teaser Trailer and Bonus Episode

Astro Boy started off in Japan as a manga, then a 1960’s animated series, credited with cementing the look and feel of ‘anime’. Over the years it’s been re-made several times, and in October of 2009, Astro Boy will appear in theaters in CGI form. The first teaser trailer has been released:

The music isn’t too bad, but I’m not sure I like the CGI look they have here, although having never seen Astro Boy in either its anime or manga form, I can’t really say if the ‘cartoony’ look is fits the show (aside from the the fact that anime has its own look and feel). I can say the trailer does nothing to get me excited about the movie.

If you’re interested in seeing the first episode of the 2003 version, it’s embedded after the jump!

Okay then, we can say, at least according to this version, the ‘cartoony’ look fits just fine. I’m assuming the other stylistic devices of anime will be removed for Western audiences.

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